The Intergrated Personnel & Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

Client Information

The World Bank

The World Bank works to reduce global poverty by working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, which call for the elimination of global poverty through the implementation of sustainable development.

The World Banks works to:

  • Strengthen national governments through the education of local officials.
  • Implement legal and judicial system and encourage economic activity while protecting individual and property rights.
  • Combating corruption
  • The development of financial systems that is capable of supporting entrepreneurial endeavours

Project Information

World Bank - The Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS)

MRL worked with a West African Government to implement a public service reform program starting with a number of Ministerial Department and Agencies (MDAs). The reform focused on a minimum set of critical reforms issues across the board that would later provide a platform for subsequent reforms. A critical component was the ability to manage services of the establishment and payroll within the context of public service productivity and constraints of government revenues, priorities, and budget.

The previous incumbent processes in place constrained availability, reliability, and timeliness of essential management information necessary to attain desired performance and productivity goals that the public service provided to the Nigerian public. Diagnostic work was undertaken, and the key recommendation identified by the federal government was the quick deployment of and integrated personnel and payroll information system (IPPIS).

The Bureau of Public Service Reform (BPSR) was mandated to coordinate the reform process within the government, and also had oversight responsibility for the project. The purpose of the IPPIS project was to procure and implement and integrate solution that would:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency in transactional services
  • Enhance the confidence in payroll costs and budgeting
  • Greatly improve management reporting and information

MRL Deliverables

  • Lead on the change management aspects of the programme, and implemented a methodology that would sustain such changes.
  • Fulfilled a senior leadership role for the duration of the contract.
  • Worked exclusively on the 'client-side' to ensure that supplier progress was monitored effectively, whilst addressing issue-resolutions and technical questions.
  • Lead on the overseeing the procurement of goods and services in line with World Bank guidelines.
  • Provided technical assistance to supplier negotiations as part of the overall procurement process leading to the award of contracts.
  • Worked with the procurement team (who managed the procurement process) and provided expert input when required.
  • The management of progress reporting to the BPSR leadership (Ministers Team) and to the Permanent Secretaries of the various MDAs.
  • Coordinated the project change elements executing team in terms of implementing the system across the various MDAs.
  • Assisted in the preparation and participation of the appropriate training programmes to ensure optimum utilisation of the new payroll and personnel system.
  • Ensured the verification of staff across the various MDAs went smoothly, and assisted with the various issues that arose during the verification exercise. A total of 55,000 staff were verified.
  • Provided other functions deemed necessary to the leadership team and the World Bank to further their objectives, whilst facilitating successful implementation of the project.

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